Eliminates drying, skinning, and waste - patented pliable outer rim makes it easy to insert and remove from cans. Ideal for all types of paints - latex, oil-based, alkyds, and acrylics - and varnishes, etc.
Extends leftover paint life for years
Protects paint inside a poorly sealed container and from air trapped in the can
Prevents skin forming on top of paint
Doubles as a handy palette for touch ups
Inexpensive and reusable
Quart  Gallon  3 Gallon  5 Gallon
Plus gallon-size plastic paint containers
Std. / Plastic Gallon 4-pack: $2.99,
Sold individually: 89 each

To maintain effectiveness, paint cans
with a PaintGard™ in place should
not be tipped or shaken.
Sold as 4 PaintGards™ per polybag 100 single units per bulk-pack box
Made from 100% recycled plastic beverage bottles.
PaintGards™ keeps paint fresh for years. Eliminates drying and skinning. Often we do-it-yourself painters store partial used paint gallons in the basement or garage, only to find that months or even years later when they want to do some touch-up paint that when they open up the can the paint has dried out or “skinned over,” requiring a trip to the store to buy an extra gallon… and often if you need more than quart of custom color paint you’ll spend almost as much as full gallon. And matching custom colors can be tricky and time consuming. With PaingGards, for less than 75 cents to protect a gallon can of paint, you can avoid the cost, time and frustration of wasted paint. PaintGards floats on top of the paint sealing the paint from air trapped inside the paint can, and protecting it from poorly sealed paint lids (due to excess paint on the lip, rusted or bent lids, etc.).

PaintGards keeps paint fresh for years. To use, grip the center tab and tilt PaintGard at a slight angle to insert into paint can. Place directly onto the surface of leftover paint. To remove, hold center tab and tilt PaintGard and pull up from can. Use the paint on the paint on the PaintGard (like a pallet) to do the small touch up painting. Do not tip or shake can with PaintGard installed. PaintGard has built in flotation to help ensure it does not sink and rests on top of the paint surface, sealing against the side walls of the paint can, like a second lid to seal the paint from trapped air. PaintGards will be available for quart, 3 gallon, 5 gallon, and gallon-size plastic paint containers, in addition to the standard gallon-size paint cans.

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